Roald Dahl

A new website bringing together the work of the museum, literary agency, and charity that are all connected to author Roald Dahl.

Roald Dahl

Producer, Bureau for Visual Affairs
Content Consultant, freelance


I worked as a producer on the Roald Dahl website alongside studio directors Tom Elsner and Simon Piehl, UX designer Hollie Lubbock, front end developer Dan Pavitt, and developer Andrew Roberts.

It was a complicated process to bring together the identities and needs of the museum, literary agency, and charity into one coherent site, but also a brilliant one as everyone involved loved Roald Dahl's writing. We translated a world of stories, illustration, theatre, and film into a simple templating system with a clear navigation designed carefully around user profiles and journeys, some now made explicit on entrance to the site.

Later, I returned to The Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre as a consultant, produced a house style guide, and presented a short series of workshops on web content. The workshops were designed to help the staff learn how to write for web and use social media more effectively, as well as training them on how to use their new website CMS. 

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