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Critical Writing in Art & Design

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With devastating brevity we mourn the loss of seven men to the ‘great oceanic nothingness’ unsettled by storms.
Jeanette Farrell on a print by Edward Ardizzone
Ice in rap has a long, stirred-up history. The Inuit have five hundred words for it, and rappers at least double; “ice” is demeanour, drugs, diamonds, death, and none of the above, in any number of combinations.
David Morris on the word 'ice' in rap music
Which is not to say a gap is just a distance, but can be a difference in things. White walls and a polished concrete floor, for example. Only the architects have further inserted a silhouette on these planes; so-called the ‘shadow gap’, it runs along the bottom of each wall forming a perfect recess barely an inch off the ground and not much further back.
Bryony Quinn on Turner Contemporary

While I was a postgraduate student at the Royal College of Art, I conceived and produced a website for the Critical Writing in Art & Design MA course to host writing and projects by current students. It was designed by Afonso Martins using a radically text-based design. Wordpress was selected as a framework due to its familiarity for site editors – current and future students – and the site remains the primary point of publication for this course.