Artangel Everywhere

Artangel Everywhere is an open call for transformational projects. For the first time in their history, Artangel are inviting people internationally to submit their most ambitious idea.

Artangel Everywhere

Producer, Artangel


Set with the directive to commission a digital work of a scale comparable to past Artangel projects, I worked with the co-directors James Lingwood and Michael Morris to rethink their existing open call. They have previously invited UK-based artists to propose ideas for UK-based site-specific projects. Selected works have included Maria Fusco's Master Rock (2015), recorded inside a mountain in Scotland, Michael Landy's Break Down (2001) which took place on London's Oxford Street, and Clio Barnard’s The Arbor (2010) which was filmed in Bradford.

The most recent open, Artangel Everywhere, shifted the focus from physical location to networked space. The brief asked people to submit ideas for artworks that could be experienced all over the world, thereby implicating but not necessitating new technologies.


Artangel's Margarita Louca commissioned Studio Ponto to create a visual identity for Artangel Everywhere to deploy across the organisations profiles on Instagram, Twitter, Soundcloud and so on, setting the tone for potential proposals.


For the first time in Artangel's history, the invitation was extended beyond the UK and people internationally were invited to apply.