Power Tools Design Brief

A brief for a graphic design and animation job for idle women and Luca film production.

Graphic Design & Animation Job


Looking for a woman designer…

Fee: £1000 (inc. VAT)
Delivery: 5 March 2019
Contact: x<at>charmiangriff.in

Arts organisation idle women, film producers LUCA and the women of St Helens, Merseyside, are making a series of household DIY instructive videos this March. This work is part of an Arts Council England Ambition for Excellence project.


We are looking for a woman graphic designer and animator to work on an identity for this project to be manifested as:

  • An animated graphic for bookending the videos (we will provide sound by a local women’s choir)

  • A vector logo that will work as a square icon for social media accounts and the website

  • General typographic/graphic direction, e.g. recommended typeface, positioning, sizing and colour for the video titles, this will also be rolled on on the website too.

  • Any in-camera directions, e.g. vinyl logos to go on the walls of the studio, costume etc.

Full project description and design brief available by email.

Thank you for your interest,